The land of Tirn

Covered in thick forest and roamed by animals and fey creatures a plenty, one would think to avoid this dangerous place, but with the Ocean of Titans to the south and the inhospitable mountain range to the north. Tirn is the best choice for a trade route between the human kingdoms and Althoria, the nation of wizards.

A large main road, protected with magic and steel, stretches from one end of Tirn to the other. At the Center sits Marcentine, Capital of Tirn. Ruled by nine merchant lords. Items from both the human kingdoms and Althoria can be found there, being sold in it's many markets and stores.

The forested land is suffused with ancient magic, making it nigh impossible to truly tame Tirn. Trees that grow too fast, entire buildings that's moved, whispers in the wind. Despite this many have tried to tame the land, none have truly succeeded.

villages and towns can be found along the main road, and it has also been rumored that there is people living deeper into the forest.

The land of Tirn

The land of Tirn hokon