Rule additions

Automatic bonus progression:

works as stated except:

A. It is a bit vague on what items it removes, to clarify, all items that grant the same kind of bonus as ABP is removed. items that grant other benefits in addition to the banned effect may still be acquired just without the banned effect.

B. regarding attunement and enchantments eating attunement, you may for each attunement point have 1 free enchantment worth one point. for example, if a lvl 9 character which has 2 attunement points picks up a flaming burst sword and attunes to it, then it will be a +2 flaming burst sword, but if the character attunes to a speed sword it would be a +1 speed sword.

C. if you dual wield, both weapons gets attuned to.(it's lame when only one of your weapons are magical)

Vital strike:

this feat is now applicable as long as you only do a single attack.

Alternate racial traits:

may be freely selected without asking me.

Ioun stones:

for a 1000gp cost, a ioun stone slot may be added to either a armor or weapon. a slotted ioun stone grants an improved effect, which is decided randomly. only one worn item may have a ioun slot, multiple items with slots will conflict. you may add more slots to an item at a progressively more expensive price.

Rule additions

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