Lady Serah Sunsteel

"I carry the light of the Inheritor, no evil can stand against her might." -Lady Serah Sunsteel the seventh Second Sword of the First Circle


Name: Lady Serah Sunsteel the seventh Second Sword of the First Circle , The Pure, The Brave, ‘Silverwing’, ‘Seraph’, ‘Demon slayer’, ‘Fiendbreaker’, ‘Grave Watcher’, Friend of the Forest
Born: Kingdom of Kaeloth, village of Everbloom
Race: Aasimar
Occupation: Paladin.
Skills: Divine Martial Knowledge, Diplomacy, Leadership, Warfare
Hobbies: Justice, Good, Kindness, Charity work, Helping out, Reading fictional romance novels.

Mother: Deceased
Father: Missing, presumed dead


Born in a small village within the kingdom of Kaeloth her very birth was heralded by seven days of sun without clouds, the sun shone brighter than it ever had before as Serah was born. Her parents had both spent many years trying to conceive a child and finally it would happen now, however Serah’s father joy was quickly and cruelly extinguished as he saw the child. The child had glowing golden strands of hair and eyes so blue it was unnerving to observe but the thing that frightened him the most, was the look of sadness as the child gazed into his eyes and he knew, it was not his child as there was no way a man like him could create something so beautiful. The mother concerned at the silence asked her husband who looked at her teary eyed before he wrapped the child up and a jute blanket and handed it over before saying his farewells. Serah’s mother was hurt and looked down upon her child, the same thoughts went through her head but she decided to raise the child, but she did not consider that day a miracle.

As the years went by Serah was well liked by all the other children in the village and was often busy helping the other villagers out around town. No matter how much she worked and smiled however, the other villagers would often talk behind her back when they thought they were out of earshot, calling her a bastard child. Paying it no mind she lived her life as cheerfully as she could, however that ended once puberty kicked in, now more beautiful than ever before and incredibly talented she was an outcast, the others now spitefully jealous and her aid was more often a granted rather than a helpful hand. Serah’s mother even began to think ill of Serah, blaming her for the loss of business in her tailor store and her husband.

More years passed, now a unnaturally beautiful grown woman Serah was having some trouble with the townspeople despite having worked herself to the bone every day to try to win some affection with the townspeople but was still isolated, nobody ever asked if they could simply talk or saying hello as they passed each other. She longed for someones company and turned to her mother who gave her the cold shoulder not wanting having anything to do with her. Hurt and wounded Serah packed her things and attempted to say her farewells to the villagers who spat nearby and nearly chased her out of town. As she stood on a hill in the distance with a overlook to the valley in which the village was location she spied something coming from the other side, at first she thought she saw wrong but then a ominous dark cloud covered the sun and she felt her heart grow heavy.
She ran as fast as she could back to town only to see the townspeople ganged up around her mother and blaming her for the misfortune. “Witch! You brought all this madness upon us! I say we kill her! Kill her! Kill her!” The chanting grew loud and echoed heavily within Serah’s mind. She gathered her courage and stepped forth shouting with all her might for them to quiet down, everyone quickly turned, bewildered by the sudden outburst. “She came back for us! Now we’re twice cursed!” Then around the corner a rotting carcass shambled around groaning and moaning as it made it’s way over. In the frenzy there was an incident and as the crowd had moved she saw her mother lying on the ground with a big kitchen knife embedded in her stomach. Shocked she quickly leaped to her mother’s side and told her to quiet down before managing to grab onto one of the villagers who were running, imploring for him to take her mother with them. The man quickly grabbed onto her mother and made his way away. Now Serah was left alone, abandoned once more as the undead horde surrounded her, slowly inching their way in. She sat there on her knees and smiled weakly. “This is fine.” She whispered to herself, only for something within her to stir and the lats memory she has is a bright light and being filled with divine purpose and strength. Her hair glowing golden, spectral golden wings panned out from her shoulders and a burning halo appearing above her head she fought.
Three days later in the nearest settlement she limped her way back over, covered in bruises and bleeding heavily from her arm. The townspeople ran over to see on her only for her to smile and slump down. “It is safe to go home now..” Was the only words she uttered before falling unconscious. When she awoke she found her mother next to her crying, pouring her heart out saying she never meant it, that she always loved her deeply and was sickened by her own vile thoughts near what could’ve been the end. As Serah rose up and went outside the entirety of the village had gathered outside, all of them going to their knees and praying, claiming for her to have been a miracle sent by the gods. With but a faint smile she clasped her hands together and prayed to Iomedae. Afterwards the villagers promised they would never again be cruel to her when they returned Serah spoke up, saying that she would not return to the village, she now had a purpose in life and a heading of where to go. The entire village pitched in with their savings, affording her a humble chainmail along with a actual longsword and a shield.

Twenty years later Serah was a very successful paladin, already having dealt with multiple larger outbreaks of undead and demonic incursions. She rose up the Circles of the Iomedaen order in record time and was seated on the First circle as the Sixth Second Sword due to her heroic acts and valiant in both battle and peace. She took to her duties with surprising speed and quickly ended up a favorite even among paladins and has ever since remained on the First Circle as a strong candidate for becoming the First Sword should something happen to the current. However she disliked her new position of leadership at some level as she much more appreciated the hands on work she could do out in the field, she spoke her concerns and easily swayed the other Second Swords that this was their true calling and she was let out into the world her title still intact, now her second Sir Edric Lightlance keeps in touch using magic often to check in on her should anything dire require her attention but fortunately the paladins of Iomedae are strong and well informed.
Thirty years later Serah returned home, standing in front of a single gravestone with a weak smile as she placed down a letter in front of the gravestone and placing a red rose at every grave whose names she remembered. The villagers and children stopped her and asked who she was, as she was about to answer a elder interrupted her. “A miracle.”
Now having made a name of herself and having hundreds of battles under her belt she steps out into Tirn where she feels the unnatural sway of undead about.

Lady Serah Sunsteel

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