Fuji Yuki

Unnecessarily upbeat monk


Short, lithe and limber. Everything a feline should be.

Constrained muscle, that offers more force and impact than such a small package should, is hidden by the delicately fine, tan coloured hair that covers Yuki’s body. Hair that grows longer and darker around her cheerful, smile bearing face and restless forest green eyes, fluffing out in a literal mane.

Bouncy and full of movement, her tail and ears mimicking this in their constant movement and fluttering. Not one part of her is ever stationary.


Amongst the tall tall grasses that make up for what accounts for trees in the land of Khanto there resides a village. A village of people who have dedicated themselves to the balance of both mind and body. Quiet, peaceful, meditative. They focus only on what they must-.. CRASH! BANG! SNAP!

Yuki’s no longer part of this village. But then, she didn’t want to be there anyway.

Fuji Yuki

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