Lucius Brattendor

The wayward noble son


Name: Lucius Brattendor
Born: Kingdom of Kaeloth, Brattenbury
Race: Human
Occupation: Noble Knight Adventurer
Skills: Leadership, military tactics, diplomacy, noble etiquette, martial swordplay

Tall and ruggedly handsome, often carrying himself with a hunch in his shoulders. Usually armoured and armed with back-slung greatsword and shield, with longsword at his hip.


Born the eldest son to Lord Lucan and brother to Joshua Brattendor, Lucius was raised in the township of Brattenbury, a village huddled on the banks of the river Neen surrounded by the rolling farmlands of the human kingdom Fallia.

Lucius considered much of his time training in combat and learning noble etiquette to be rather tedious and often turned to drinking through much of the evenings and into the night, though despite this, his father still held his eldest’s abilities as a knight and leader in high regards.

One fatefully dark evening tempers rose and Lucius slew innocent men during a drunken stupor. With blood on his hands there was little Lord Lucan could do as the people demanded justice. Lucius was stripped of his knighthood and inheritance to Brattenbury.

With hate seething beneath the surface Lucius stole into his father’s treasury, taking money and other expensive items before he abandoned Fallia for the land of Tirn. A place he heard was without borders, without responsibility, where he could start anew.

Though what began as a journey of redemption, to prove that he could be a good man again, slowly turned sour over the years simply deepening his hatred for his father and for himself.

Lucius Brattendor

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