Akai Akuma

A wandering Ronin with a dark past


Name: ‘Akai Akuma’ (True name unknown)
Born: Kakushi Ha
Race: Half-elf. (Indistginuishable from normal human)
Previous occupation: Samurai
Skills: Swordsmanship, fishing, Iaijutsu strike

Known family:
All of known family is dead.

Hobbies: Fishing, wandering

Tattooed on his back is that of a Dragon of his homeland. A symbol of his mastery his own movement.


Born in a isolated village from the known world Akai grew up learning to love his country, his father before him was a renowned samurai who went by the nickname “Black Death.” The name derived from his pitch black armour and weaponry, who seemingly never reflected any light. His father proudly taught his son the way of the warrior and how a samurai must never forget why he fights. The words resonated within Akai and he proved to be a viciously swift learner, quickly besting many instructors at the age of twelve and going toe to toe with masters when he was but a young adult. Increasingly proud of his son his father presented him to the Shogun. Immediately drawn into the ranks Akai was put to work, fighting the occasional bandits and intruders who sought to gain entry into their lands. This went on for many years, as times went on Akai started to notice a huge increase in demonic activity and that the Shogun and emperor seemingly gave little to no damns about it. He took it upon himself to volunteer for clearing out the demon worshipers and whatnot. The meeting went surprisingly well and he returned home with a smile on his face, “Commander of the Demonic slaying unit.” Only that when he returned, his home was ablaze, he rushed within only to find mountain of slain bodies around his dead parents, the Black Death had fallen.

Akai could do little but watch it all burn down. After prepared gravestones for his parents he quickly set out to find out who had done this and after months of investigating he discovered it had been the Shogun and the emperor who had ordered the attack. Furious at the betrayal Akai quickly gathered his most trusted friends and told them the news, within weeks a rebellion was in full action against the emperor. Akai spent two years of his life fighting the emperor and his unending horde of evil demons who relentlessly hunted down his friends and allies. It was during this conflict Akai got his nickname, which he donned from there on out and forever wore as if it was his true name, Akai Akuma. He was quickly feared amongst the loyalists and the demons alike, every battle in which he entered friends and enemies alike would flock around him to either aid, or attempt to slay. It was in these conflicts he would always end up covered entirely in the blood of his friends and enemies, many a times was he dragged into the mud and almost drowned by the enemies.

However despite all the violence he had noticed one thing amidst the conflict in which he wanted to save. The princess, he had laid his eyes upon her many times within the palace before the war and the two had even had something of a unofficial relationship away from the eyes of the others. She soon became the only reason why he could fight on, just to avange his parents seemed so insignificant compared to the losses and events that had followed, but she alone managed to muster his spirit. Alas as the war dragged on, the rebellion was put down and only a handful of the last remaining rebels had to flee the land. In total there were four of them which vowed to return one day, a day they had specified in secret with new armies and allies.

Now three years later Akai still looks longingly to the East, thinking of the battles to come, the promise he made to his comrade and the love of his life.

PS: He also ‘borrowed’ the Princess’s katana during one of his visits which he now wields.

Akai Akuma

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